Detector Quebra de Vidros ImpaqGB

Digital Acoustic Glass Break Detector

The  Impaq  Glass  Break  provides  reliable  perimeter  protection  with  unparalleled false  alarm  immunity.
Quad real time frequency analysis coupled with digital flex detection ensure exceptional performance.
For outstanding design with a host of user friendly features, insist on the Impaq Glass Break.

Outstanding features include:

  • Microprocessor Design
  • Quad Frequency Analysis
  • 9m Maximum Range
  • Ultra Wide 170° Detection Angle
  • Latch & First To Alarm Inputs
  • Digital Flex Detection For Improved False Alarm Immunity
  • Glass Type Selection: Plate/Tempered/Laminated/Wired
  • Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Test Mode

Digital Signal Analysis
The  Impaq  Glass  Break  is  an  acoustic  glass  break detector  designed  to  provide the  earliest  possible warning of a potential intruder by detecting the sound of breaking glass. An advanced microprocessor analyses signals digitally, processing information relating to the frequency, amplitude and timing of every
sound.  For maximum false alarm immunity four separate frequency bands are analysed (Quad Frequency Analysis). The Impaq Glass Break will only indicate an alarm if the signals exactly match those of a window being broken.

Digital Flex Detection
False  alarm  immunity is further enhanced by the  use of Digital  Flex  Detection.  This  detects  the low frequency pressure wave transmitted when a window is struck. An alarm signal will only be generated if a flex signal is detected, followed immediately by the shatter signal. This ensures common false alarm sources (e.g. a glass bottle breaking outside) are completely ignored.

Glass Type Selection
Different types of glass produce different acoustic responses when broken. The Impaq Glass Break features a selector switch which can be set to either Plate and Tempered or Laminated and Wired glass types.

Dual LED Indication
Dual green and red LEDs simplify set up and help reduce false alarms by indicating pre-alarm signals and providing confirmation that test mode has been initiated.

Ceiling Mounted
Wall Mounted
Enhanced Adjustable Coverage Pattern

The  Impaq  Glass  Break  can  be  mounted  on  walls,  in  corners  or  on  ceilings  for maximum  flexibility.  With  a  coverage  angle  of  170°at  distances  of  up  to  9m, protecting several windows with one detector is fast and straight forward. Sensitivity is fully adjustable allowing each detector to be optimised for its environment.

Maximum Range: 9m (30 feet), 170°
Supply Voltage: 9 - 16VDC
Current Consumption: 11mA typical
Alarm Signaling: Normally closed (failsafe)  voltage free relay contacts
Alarm Relay: Rated at 24VDC, 50mA protected by 18O series resistor
Sensor Type: Extended response electret microphone
Minimum  Window Size: 300mm x 300mm
Glass Type Detection: Plate, Tempered, Laminated, Wired
Glass Thickness: 2.4 - 6.4mm
EMC: Independently certified to EN 50130-4 : 1996
RF Immunity: No false alarms from 80MHz to 1GHz at 10V/m

 Storage Temperature:
-20°C (-4°F)  to +60°C (+140°F)
62mm (2.5”)
Packed Weight:  70g (2.5oz) approx European Standards
Impaq Glass Break: PD 6662 and EN 50131 Grade 3 Environmental Class II.
Conforms to European Union (EU) Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC)
Directive 89/336/EEC (amended by 92/31/EEC and 93/68/EEC).

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